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Mosaic Testing

Mosaic testing uses a mix of experimental designs and market-focused strategies to break down key elements of the marketing mix, pinpoint changes with a proven impact, and then rebuild the optimal marketing mix – with quick, concise, and covert tests.  Out of sight (in plain view) from your customers and competitors, data are actionable and accurate. 

Like in the example (below) from Hearst Magazines, you define key elements of the marketing mix, run multiple mosaic combinations in the marketplace, and analyze results to quantify the real-world impact of each element alone and in combination with others.  With deeper insights, faster results, and greater confidence, you can accelerate learning and rollout results more quickly.

Like burning away the fog over the marketplace, mosaic testing helps you see your marketplace more clearly and focus on changes proven to increase sales and profitability.  There are seldom easy answers, but often many small changes that can add up to a big lift.  Artestry brings together creative focus, insightful analytics, efficient multivariable testing, and a streamlined strategy to help you leverage your brainpower, pinpoint the best opportunities, design and run real-world marketing-mix tests, and implement actionable changes with a clear, quantifiable impact.

Testing all of your new ideas in one brushstroke on the front lines of the marketplace.