—  Our Focus  —

Our Focus

Our focus = in-market testing

  • In-market testing on the front lines of the retail marketplace
  • In-market testing using efficient, innovative, robust multivariable "mosaic" techniques with a streamlined process to accelerate learning
  • In-market tests that leverage data insights, creative ideas, marketing experience, and changing opportunities to identify key elements of the marketing-mix

Mosaic testing lets the walls of the laboratory become the world all around

  • Listen to your customers as they speak with their wallets
  • Uncover new insights and information – details impossible to see from research or data-mining alone
  • Pinpoint many small changes that add up to a big lift

Accelerated learning.
Actionable, quantifiable results.
The Artestry of in-market testing with one brushstroke.

Why Artestry?

The Artestry collective is a dynamic group of specialists with a unified focus on in-market insights and improvement. Working in retail, CRM, direct marketing, CPG, and multichannel programs, Artestry blends best practices in advanced analytics, creative impact, program execution, and scientific "mosaic" testing to accelerate learning on the front lines of the marketplace.

Large firms can offer one-stop shopping. Small firms offer deep expertise in a specialized field. Artestry combines the best of both: one place to find top experts from all areas that affect your success on the front lines of the marketplace:

  • Data intelligence and customer analytics
  • Creative development
  • Digital marketing
  • Media planning and direct marketing
  • In-market testing

“What if…?” 

Innovation – and new opportunity – often begins with simple questions. Creative thinkers question the status quo... "How can we learn more, faster, more efficiently, and achieve greater success?... What if we tried this?"

Testing is the science of "what if." Testing answers the questions no one has asked before (or never had the tools to answer). Testing gives you the right answers so you can confidently move forward.

The Artestry collective is the outcome of a series of "what if" questions we've been asking for more than a decade:

  • What if we translate the powerful statistics of "experimental design" to work in the unstable, noisy retail marketplace?
  • What if we bring together some of the most talented creative thinkers who understand analytics, creatives, CRM, and testing from a unique viewpoint? Can we make innovative testing strategies even more effective?
  • What if we prove that this collective focus can accelerate learning and ROI for the biggest and best in the industry?

We now have some answers (and we're happy to share)... Creatives, analytics, and in-market testing with one brushstroke.