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Contact us to talk further about your programs and our approach, or for more case studies, articles, and other information about the Artestry collective and mosaic testing.

As a starting point, you may want to read...

  1. Mosaic Testing – the science and art
  2. "Accelerated Testing for CRM Programs" (multichannel retention test - DMA2012 conference)
  3. Rewards of “Small Data” Testing with Big Data Analytics
  4. Analytics and Testing: Do you Want Answers, or Do you Want the Truth?
  5. Case study: Digital Test driving Retail Sales (presented at MAC 2015)
  6. Case study: "Cosmo, Direct Mail, and Testing: a Story of Sex and Intrigue" (DMA 2011)

In-market testing has evolved over decades from a well-established (though specialized) field of statistics, yet some of the greatest innovations remain hidden from common knowledge. Building a successful test is like a construction project... Architecture requires an adherence to the laws of physics, but with a great deal of creativity and flexibility in the design and execution of the structure. What you see on the outside is art, but the science gives it strength. The same is true of testing. The groundwork, framing, and raw materials must be layered together with your experience and ideas to strengthen the test and give you the most attractive outcome.

Let us hear more about your programs and questions. We also have a collection of technical articles, if you would like to delve into the details.