• —  Testing is Still the Best Way to Find True Breakthroughs  —

    Your experience sets the baseline.
    Creative and analytical insights offer new potential.
    Testing quickly proves what works in the real-world marketplace.

  • —  In-Market Testing With One Brushstroke  —

    ... One brushstroke that covers the complexity of the marketplace,
    inconsistency of customers,
    and pressure for fast, accurate answers.

  • —  The Artestry Collective  —

    A diverse team of specialists with a unified focus
    on strategic marketing analytics and tactical testing,
    Artestry helps you pinpoint new opportunities with a measurable ROI.

  • —  Change Creates Opportunity  —

    Embrace the uncertainty.
    Accelerate learning.
    Achieve extraordinary results.

The Artestry collective is a dynamic group of specialists with a unified focus on in-market insights and improvement. Working in retail, direct, digital, CRM / loyalty, and omnichannel programs, Artestry blends best practices in advanced analytics, creative impact, and scientific "mosaic" testing to accelerate learning on the front lines of the marketplace.

Our Focus

Testing remains the only way to prove what works on the front lines of the marketplace.

Artestry offers a full palette of testing tools:

  • Analytics and market intelligence (A)
  • Creative ideation and marketing program development (C)
  • Test design, execution and analysis (T)
  • Shopper / consumer insights

Artestry helps you ACT quickly for proven insights, nimble performance, and greater marketing ROI.  Combining creative energy and scientific precision, we can pinpoint specific marketing-mix changes with a clear, measurable impact on sales.

Your Benefits

Our unique approach – combining innovative analytics, creative energy, and mosaic testing – offers you powerful tools to test more marketing-mix elements, with greater speed, accuracy, and depth of insights than common matched-market and controlled-store tests.

Working with your in-house marketing team, we can dig out intelligence from your database, spark creative new ideas, design a fast, focused multivariable test, and pinpoint a number of small changes that add up to a big lift... in a fraction of the time normally required for in-market testing.

Testing lifts the fog of uncertainty from the marketplace. It lets you see every interaction with a clarity that no other technique can offer.

Contact us to learn more about in-market testing:

  • Retail testing (in-store, shelf set, POS, in-store displays and advertising, media mix)
  • Creative and contact strategy testing (CRM, direct marketing, Internet, social media, and multichannel tests)
  • Price testing
  • Marketing-mix optimization
  • Segmentation modeling and targeting

Case Studies

CRM test of 17 elements across 14 campaigns over 9 months

The CRM director in a $4B company wanted to optimize a 14-touch multichannel program across three customer segments and four predictive models. Starting with 41 ideas, the Artestry team created two tests with 17 marketing-mix elements – changes to the creatives, pricing, offers, and contact strategy.

With the innovations of mosaic testing, Artestry completed the CRM tests in 9 months (versus 3 years required for test-control techniques), quantified the effect of each element, along with interactions and curvature in the price effect. With 10 significant elements, the optimal contact strategy beat the 7-year control, increased response as much as 15%, and confirmed differences by customer segment and statistical model.

Case Studies

$10B retailer increases sales 5.1% after one 6-week test

With the high value of circular and in-store advertising, one global marketer asked the Artestry team to help optimize ad spend and ROI. After brainstorming over 300 ideas, the team focused on 18 marketing-mix elements for one in-market test of 11 circular and 7 in-store elements. The 6-week mosaic test reduced sample size by 90% and pinpointed marketing-mix changes proven to increase sales 5.1%. Significant elements included: circular page count, product mix, promotions and coupons; retail shelf and window signage, and in-store displays. Standard controlled-store tests would have required every store in the chain or a full year of testing to see the same results.

Case Studies

Sales jump 20.3% after one Shelf Set Price Test

Pricing is not a singular variable. The interaction among product mix, price points, discounts, signage and competitive pricing can have a dramatic impact on unit sales and profitability. Testing just a fraction of the 81 possible combinations of 4 variables, one retail test pinpointed the optimal mix among the number and arrangement of packages and pricing strategy (starting price and spread among price points). Interactions and curvature in the price effect would have been nearly impossible to quantify with common techniques.

Case Studies

Subscriptions jump 24% after one direct mail test

A 12-element direct mail subscriptions test in one campaign for Cosmopolitan magazine pinpointed 5 changes and 3 interactions for a 24% lift. Common split-run techniques would require 1.7 million greater sample size (or 1½ years) and completely missed the interactions.

Case Studies

Multichannel test increases revenue 8.3%

A home goods manufacturer/marketer conducted a 4-month multichannel test of the number, timing, and mix of contacts. The optimal contact strategy showed a proven 7.8% lift in response (worth $ millions per year) while reducing the cost of testing by $400,000. Common test-control techniques would have required 2.5 years to achieve equal confidence.

Case Studies

Retail traffic increases 91% after one CRM test

An ad agency brought in the Artestry team to manage a CRM test to drive traffic through a direct mail and Internet promotion. 7 significant elements of the CRM campaign led to a 91% increase in customer traffic and nearly 3x increase in credit requests.